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General Election Reflection

You’re surprised the way this country voted? Me too. I thought the public would give the Tories a mandate for getting on with a clean Brexit and return them with a comfy majority. Totally wrong. And I was shocked by the way that UKIP were annihilated. I was prepared for a big drop in support, […]

Worcester News – Monday, April 10th 2017

This letter below (in italics) appeared in the Worcester News on Monday, April 10th 2017. It is part of an exchange between Worcester’s Mr Peter Nielsen (Green Party candidate and independent parliamentary candidate in the 2010 General Election) and myself, UKIP’s 2015 parliamentary candidate, also for Worcester. I have inserted my comments in parentheses. The […]

Trump Syria Foreign Policy

Oh dear. What a disappointment. Trump signs an executive order to bomb Syria with cruise missiles. Well, that’s pretty much the end of any hopes of non-interventionism by the Trump administration isn’t it. One executive order with federal court backing and it’s bombs-away time….again. Leaving aside the reasons for the strike – the use of […]

Douglas Carswell

I’m writing this in the immediate wake of Douglas Carswell MP’s resignation from UKIP. My immediate feelings – mild relief for one. A little sadness on the other hand. It can be argued that the public car-crash that the party has become since Farage’s resignation last year is partly attributable to him. He undermined Farage […]