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General Election Reflection

You’re surprised the way this country voted? Me too. I thought the public would give the Tories a mandate for getting on with a clean Brexit and return them with a comfy majority. Totally wrong. And I was shocked by the way that UKIP were annihilated. I was prepared for a big drop in support, […]


Local branch member Rob Menzies sets out his thoughts on the treason perpetrated by our political representatives in Westminster. ‘We know we are ruled by traitors, when: Critics of Islam are imprisoned for thought crimes, whilst 23,000 bloodthirsty jihadis [article] roam our streets. That’s 10 regiments of fanatics hidden amongst the so-called ‘moderates’. The British […]


In the wake of the Islamist bombing in Manchester, our 2017 Parliamentary candidate Paul Hickling offers his personal perspective on the attack. ‘To those who say we should carry on as normal; you are wrong and ignorant. The parents of the children whose school was gunned down in San Bernardino cannot carry on as normal; […]

Douglas Carswell

I’m writing this in the immediate wake of Douglas Carswell MP’s resignation from UKIP. My immediate feelings – mild relief for one. A little sadness on the other hand. It can be argued that the public car-crash that the party has become since Farage’s resignation last year is partly attributable to him. He undermined Farage […]

Stoke 2017

I spent three weekends up in Stoke canvassing on the doorstep in both Labour and Conservative areas and found the people of the city to be very friendly, open-minded and approachable, regardless of their politics. The operation and co-ordination on the ground was immense. It was well-run by Lisa Duffy and her team. The call […]