County Policies

Worcester County Council elections on 4th May 2017

For  a Fresh Start in 2017 – Reject the Conservative & Labour Parties’ polarised positions and vote UKIP in Worcester to get your community back!

UKIP’s Top Eight Commonsense Priority Policies for Worcester 2017

Spending and Taxation
The County Council determines much of the spending in your area, County Hall are stripping services to the bare bones and budgets are being handled poorly, all we see is more council tax being paid and less services. UKIP will aim to keep Council Tax low by cutting waste and vanity projects, where outsourcing projects have gone wrong. The Westminster Tories are cutting back the grants to Worcester even as the city’s population rises. Each year there are more elderly in need of care, more vulnerable adults and more children. UKIP will not cut essential services that form the bedrock of our local communities and on which the vulnerable, elderly and young rely on.
Transport and Roads
We will push for the dualling of the Southern Link road between Carrington Bridge and the Powick roundabout, UKIP will fight to bring forward the start date of the northern link road from 2030 to 2020. We will also stop the short-sighted Tory approach to road maintenance in general and will ensure that Worcester’s roads and pavements are kept in good repair, pot hole free and with the correct marking and legible signing that the law demands. Good maintenance saves money in the long run.
Healthcare and Social Services
Worcester has a high proportion of elderly people in its population. Whilst many may well have private means to provide for their own care, significant numbers do not and it is therefore important to provide appropriate and dignified care facilities for those who are less able to care for themselves. Adequate funding must be provided so that appropriate support can be provided to deal with mental health issues that are all too commonplace in an increasingly demanding world. This includes stress-related conditions such as depression and anxiety and also includes more severe mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression. We will continue to press government hard to provide additional funding in future years to meet the challenges of greater longevity and health. Social care is a serious issue and is closely linked to the NHS, therefore it is not a service for which the costs should fall disproportionately on Council Tax payers within Worcester.
Employment and Jobs
We recognise the boost for UK manufacturing that will arise after Brexit as we improve the terms of our trade with the EU and the wider world. We will press the government to help us restore the technical training and manufacturing in Worcester that was once the bedrock of many of our communities, providing more skilled manual jobs for our people as well as bringing other skilled jobs and apprenticeships into the city and to provide better training schemes. We will work to help businesses relocate to Worcester to ensure there is a wide cross section of employment opportunities within the City and to boost the local economy for the benefit of all.
Education and Schools
We will allow parents to have a greater say in their children’s education and we will support more top-quality vocational schools and colleges. Social mobility has plummeted in recent decades and poorer children should have the fullest opportunity to succeed, whether academically or with practical skills, instead of being held back by socialist dogma which denies young people educational choice whilst seeking to engineer equality of outcomes, rather than equality of opportunities.
Local Government
We will restore democratic accountability in County Hall by scrapping the undemocratic “cabinet government” system which by-passes scrutiny by all councillors. We will restore a traditional committee system in which all parties and parts of the community can be represented. We will also demand that Local Enterprise Partnerships are opened up to democratic control and scrutiny so that any decision making about Worcester no longer takes place behind closed doors.
Children’s Services
There have been over £3 million pounds in cuts to children’s services which our communities so desperately need and rely on. UKIP will work cross party if required to reverse these cuts for the benefit of our children. Mental Health Services for children must not be the poor relation either.
We will support projects that tackle pollution in the city and better waste management and recycling schemes as well as protecting our green spaces.