Local Elections

Worcester Wards, 2016 Elections

There are 12 wards coming up for election at the forthcoming local elections:

Arboretum / Battenhall / Bedwardine / Cathedral / Claines / Gorse Hill / Nunnery / Rainbow Hill / St.Clement /St. John / St. Stephen / Warndon

Standing as a Candidate

UKIP will be fielding candidates in 11 of these wards in 2016. See Local Candidates page for more information on your ward.

Some will be what we call ‘Democracy Candidates’. These are used by every political party, including the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, and always have been.  Democracy (or ‘Paper’) candidates serve the following purposes:

Standing as a Democracy Candidate means little more than some form-filling. You can rest assured that you will provide a very valuable function to UKIP by standing in this capacity.  This type of candidature is ideally-suited to people who are not likely to be able to provide their time for campaigning or serving as a councillor, but who nevertheless want to play their part in the party’s success.

Let us know. You’ll have to be a UKIP member in good standing and be on the Electoral Roll in Worcester. You will be designated a ward once you have passed the UKIP vetting process. We aim for a full slate of candidates this year. Play your part in democracy and sign up.

Are you a sitting councillor and want to join UKIP?

All enquiries from sitting councillors who wish to switch to UKIP from another of the main parties should contact our branch chairman (see below).  All discussions will be held in the strictest confidence.

Mobile: 07731 862 583

Or use our Contact Form