June 23rd 2016 – Independence Day!

Despite governmental misuse of power and of taxpayers’money for political ends, outrageously biased media and interference from powerful international vested interests, we won, and our opponents are confused, confounded and consigned to the dustbin of history.
Their leaders have either resigned, are at present ‘considering their options’ – or are still in futile denial.
For despite all Remain’s machinations, doomsaying, fear-mongering and common or garden fibbing, the great people of our great country voted for liberty from the oppressive yoke of the anti-democratic EU.
While the struggle is far from over (Referendum-winning was but the vital first stage), it is right that we now take a breather and enjoy the sweet smell of FREEDOM.
Remember, without Nigel, UKIP and all our hard-working supporters, there would never have been a Referendum.
We were the underdog with 5-1 odds being offered; but maybe the bookies didn’t realise that the underdog was a British Bulldog. It was UKIP, The People’s Army.

UKIP will continue to fight as a political party, to restore a better democracy in this country and to put British citizens first.


29,114 votes (53.7%) Leave
25,125 votes (46.3%) Remain
What an amazing result and a shocker to the city’s MP and coalition council.
Congratulations to all on the leave side who lost some serious shoe leather pounding the streets of Worcester for weeks in the build up. A great performance and thank you to you all.