Returning Jihadis – 27/11/17

I recently learned about the Government’s ‘Operation Constrain’. It offers housing and jobs support to returning Jihadis and watch-list suspects, to bribe them into re-integrating. They couldn’t integrate to start with (despite being raised and educated here), so what hope is there after a couple of years in groups like IS? The UK has only turned back 1/350 returning fighters. Most claim they were office based… Like Nazi death camp ‘guards’ nabbed in their 90s. Rubbish. They went to a warzone, intent on destruction of the same liberal and democratic values, of which they took advantage as young Britons. The groups are responsible for terrorism, ethnic/religious cleansing, displacement of a million Christians. They rewarded burning, boiling, beheading, sex-slavery. Now their ‘state’ crumbles. There’s nowhere left to commit atrocities. So, they come ‘home’ to the culture they claim to despise, rather than face trial in Syria. Under no circumstances should any of them have been allowed back. They made their choice. The mainstream parties are a million miles from public opinion on this. The sad thing is that they’ll only realise it, when one of these monsters does exactly what they were trained to do.


The Lion

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