Local branch member Rob Menzies sets out his thoughts on the treason perpetrated by our political representatives in Westminster.

‘We know we are ruled by traitors, when:

  • Critics of Islam are imprisoned for thought crimes, whilst 23,000 bloodthirsty jihadis [article] roam our streets. That’s 10 regiments of fanatics hidden amongst the so-called ‘moderates’.
  • The British government provides help for known Islamist fanatics to travel freely between the UK and Libya, including MI5 handlers to ease their transport problems, giving them UK passports, and have the SAS provide weapons training to them in Libya. No wonder they know how to make bombs! [Middle East Eye 25th May]. All this when the government knows these fanatics want us all dead or enslaved.
  • The FBI warned the UK Government back in January this year that Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, was planning an attack in Britain. Nothing was done to stop him. [Mail On Sunday, 28th May]
  • The UK pretends to oppose Islamic terrorism whilst backing Islamist jihadists across the Middle East to topple secular regimes and replace them with Islamic failed states, rife with terrorism and horror.
  • The UK Government insists on giving the Palestinian Authority foreign aid, knowing that the PA uses such aid, in part, to pay stipends to terrorists, including the terrorist killer of UK citizen Hannah Bladon who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian in April this year. Why would our Government want to reward the murderers of our own citizens?
  • The UK government is silent with regards to the on-going genocide against Christians across the Middle East and North Africa; whilst simultaneously providing aid to the Islamic killers.
  • The RAF, as part of the globalist US led coalition, acts, in effect, as the ISIS or Al Qaeda air force, bombing those trying to defend Christian communities in Syria and Iraq, and others who stand to lose their lives and freedom under Islamic tyranny.
  • The general election is a Hobson’s choice between openly treasonous Labour Party, openly in league with terrorists who want us dead; versus a Tory Party which pretends to oppose terrorism whilst aiding and abetting those same killers including using our Police to persecute dissidents who expose them. Is this the German Democratic Republic now?
  • Our Quisling leaders recently attacked the notion of a Muslim travel ban, cravenly virtue-signalling against Trump’s proposition, even though such a travel ban in the UK could have prevented 22 innocent Brits from losing their lives.
  • Our Government, Police and local councils have covered up the organised industrial scale rape and sex-trafficking of our daughters for over 20 years, including denouncing those who have exposed this abomination as ‘racists’.’

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