UKIP Worcester branch supports the Worcester Veterans Breakfast Club

On any given night in the UK 7,000 of our ex-servicemen are sleeping rough on our streets, let down by our own government and not given the required after care they so badly need. As a result of this shocking news and statistic the Worcester Veterans breakfast club was formed to help all Veterans and potentially those who are homeless in Worcester regardless if they have served in the armed forces or not. The Veterans also work with other homeless charities within Worcester and continually work closely with SSAFA to assist any veteran who is facing difficulty either financially or emotionally in our city, as well as handing out warm food and sleeping bags to the homeless on the streets over the Christmas period.

Together the branch and the Veterans have also supported Sgt Alexander Blackman – known as ‘Marine A’ by attending a parade in front of the appeal courts (Birmingham) and the royal courts of justice (London). The UKIP Worcester city branch also handed over a letter of support to his wife on behalf of the branch committee.

Veteran with PTSD explains how his SSAFA volunteer helped save his life

Justice for Marine “A” Sgt Alexander Blackman known as Marine ‘A’ was sentenced to 8 years to life

Last year the veterans helped a homeless an ex-serviceman get back on his feet

Veterans left over funds raised were donated to charity

Ex-servicemen help out Falkland’s veteran by painting his Worcester flat

2017 One of our members took part in a charity sleep over. A COLD stone floor in the Cathedral’s Cloisters will be the makeshift bed for one night for fundraisers

After Dave’s hard night sleeping on the floor in the Cathedral, the Veterans breakfast club had pleasure in handing over 2 lots of £50 cheques (donations collected) to Maggs & St Pauls, two homeless Charites in Worcester.

The Veterans club also supports ‘Equal Rights for Gurkhas’

The Breakfast club meets on the first Saturday of each month in the Postal order pub in the centre of Worcester, and is open to anyone who has served in, or who has direct contact with the Armed Forces, contact Dave Carney on 01905 570780